If your question is not listed below, please "Contact Us" and ask.

Is this a certification program?

No, it is not. We are trying to raise the awareness that supporting a WOWOB is really good for our local communities. We can help you find a certification program that is right for you. Use the "Contact Us" link to ask.

Why should I participate in WOWOB?

There are many different reasons. Check them out in the What's In It For Me page.

Isn't this just another directory like Yelp, or Yellow Pages.com?

Even though we do provide a directory of participants, we are trying to raise the awareness that there really is a difference to our communities when we support a woman owned business.

Is this a not for profit?

Currently we are not set up as a non-profit entity.

I'm not a WOWOB, but I really like the idea and want to help, can I join?

Stay tuned, we are adding categories for everyone. Send us a message at "Contact Us" to let us know of your interest, and we will contact you when things are ready.

My business is not in Arizona, can I join?

Yes! We want to spread the word as far as we possibly can!

Join The Movement

Let the world know that there IS a difference. Be proud to be a WOWOB!