Quality Of Life

WOWOB is a long-term solution to a deep-rooted problem. We’re working to effect permanent changes in the way people think about how they spend their money- but that won’t happen overnight. We understand it’s going to take time, but we’ve made an enduring commitment to our communities. We’re in it for the long run. Ultimately it’s about fairness, and community.



WOWOB is committed to letting the world know that there is a difference when a woman owns a business. We are also committed to encouraging our own communities to support this difference, by supporting a WOWOB.



WOWOB can help lend visibility to your business. As a member, your business will be listed on our online local business directory. You will also receive a window sticker, and informational cards to let others know you are a WOWOB, and support the ideals of our members.

Join The Movement!

Let the world know that there IS a difference. Be proud to be a WOWOB!